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Shar-Pei puppy stolen

A FAMILY have been left devastated after their 12-week old Shar Pei puppy Amber was stolen from their home.

Amber had been given to six-year-old Mia Tomlinson after her previous dog was run over and killed and the youngster has been left heartbroken.

The day before the pet was stolen Mia had taken her to an open day at Easton College, Norfolk where her pet had picked up two prizes in a fun dog show, winning prettiest bitch and the dog which looked most like its owner.

But when Mia returned home from school the next day, her mother had to break the news that Amber had been stolen. Ms Mason said: ‘I think she didn't believe me at first. When it sunk in she was very upset and angry, but she seems to think Amber will turn up.’

The flowered Shar Pei puppy, which had been with the family for just two weeks, is worth £800 and is mostly white with a black head and black speckles on her tummy.

Ms Mason has kept Shar Pei dogs for a decade and has two more, which belong to her and her partner, but Amber was being kept in an outside kennel until she was fully vaccinated and was just one day away from being brought inside the house. Ms Mason was out when the puppy was stolen from the back garden of their Dereham Road home at Lodge Farm. She said a neighbour had seen a white Transit van come up the track to the house near to the time of the theft, which was on Monday June 2nd, sometime between 10am and 12pm.

Unfortunately, Amber was not microchipped, although as Ms Masson explained this had been due to take place: ‘Mia chose Amber from a litter of a friend of ours and she had seen her just after the pups were born. We were going to take her to be microchipped this week and we had to ring the vet and cancel.’

From January to June 2007, there were nine dogs snatched from gardens in Norfolk. For the same period this year there have been six taken, including Amber.

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Constabulary said: ‘As with any investigation, we will look at all lines of inquiry.

‘We are keen to reunite this puppy with its owners. It's a very distinctive looking dog. We believe that someone would recognise it if they saw it and would encourage anyone with information to come forward.’

* Anyone with information about Amber's whereabouts should contact PC Stuart Evans at Bowthorpe Police Station on 0845 456 4567 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.