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Man jailed for cruelty to Pit Bulls
Dogs destroyed under DDA

A MAN has been jailed for six months after a pit bull was found with 78 wounds it had suffered in dog fights.

RSPCA officers found four Pit Bull Terriers as well as items used for training dogs for combat when they went to a house in Dryden Road, Walsall, West Midlands on June 24th 2007.

Stephen Wood, 28, of Walsall, was jailed at Birmingham Magistrates' Court last week for a series of dog-fighting offences which included keeping the dogs and causing unnecessary suffering by treating infected bite wounds.

During the raid, RSPCA officers also found a treadmill, sticks used to separate animals during fights, a medical kit and detailed training plans for the dogs. They also found articles with headings such as ‘Preparing a pit dog for battle.’

The court heard that while the dogs were in the RSPCA's care, one of them attacked its handler, ripping the leg of his jeans.

Sentencing Wood, district judge Lesley Mottram said two of the other dogs had numerous scars consistent in shape with wounds caused in fighting.

As well as jailing Wood, judge Mottram also banned Wood from keeping any animals for 10 years and ordered the dogs to be destroyed, as they were unregistered and therefore illegal under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

After the court case, RSPCA Chief Inspector Ian Briggs, said the sentence was the maximum possible and that it sent out a clear message about how the courts would deal with these sorts of offences.

‘They (the dogs) suffer horrendous injuries and (as they are banned) they can't go to the vets, so these guys try to patch them up themselves,’ he said.