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FCI revises its list of UK judges

The FCI, at the request of the Kennel Club, has revised its list of UK Judges approved to judge multi-breeds, groups and Best in Show at FCI shows.

All 16 of the judges listed are permitted by the FCI to judge Best in Show competitions in FCI CACIB shows, and are approved to award FCI CACIBs to the breeds (with UK Challenge Certificate status or without) which are recognised by the Kennel Club and are eligible for breed show competition in the UK. In addition, the first 6 judges listed are also permitted to judge Best of Group competitions for all 10 of the FCI Groups.

The judges are as follows: Mrs B Banbury, Mrs L Cartledge, Mr E Hulme, Mr F Kane, Mrs F Somerfield, Mrs Z Thorn Andrews, Mrs A Arch, Mr J Bispham, Miss M Boggia Black, Mr A Brace, Mr S Hall, Mr J Horswell, Miss J Lanning, Mr M Quinney, Mrs M Spavin and Mr A Wight
By mutual agreement with Mr Joe Kirk who would normally have been listed above, his name has been omitted from the UK list as he is already permitted under Irish Kennel Club Rules to judge all breeds at FCI Shows.