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Marina Guidetti

Our Dogs is sorry to report the death of Terrier specialist Marina Guidetti.
Here is one of the first memorials received in OUR DOGS office:

Marina was a great Terrier LADY! This is a great loss for all of us…

She was living last few months with her illness in a very courageous way and she was very brave, till the end…

Three weeks ago I judged with her at the same show in Rietti in Italy and she was looking very much forward to judge HER BREED, SCOTTISH TERRIERS at the World dog show in Sweden!

What a pity!

Recently she designed a beautiful new logo for the “INTERRA“ which was approved at the last General assembly.

This logo will be used by “INTERRA“in the future and it will stay as a big souvenir to all of us from Marina - she was an amazing ARTIST!

Even more she was a very dear friend, always friendly and helping the people with her knowledge. She was an extraordinary terrier person!

With this I want to express my deepest regrets for the great lost and my profound condolences to her family and friends.

We will always remember her! Thank you Marina for everything!

Monique Van Brempt