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UK judge honoured as one of the Eukanuba World Challenge judges

Eukanuba is proud to announce the launch of the 2008 Eukanuba World Challenge, scheduled to take place in Long Beach, California on Sat 13th and Sun 14th December 2008. Following on from the resoundingly successful and highly acclaimed 2007 inaugural event held there in December 2007, Eukanuba working in co-operation with the AKC and FCI invited 40 Top Winning Dogs from around the world to compete for the title of the 2007 Eukanuba World Challenge Champion.

Very Vigie Vamos La PlayaEukanuba’s Associate Marketing Director, Anne van Merkensteijn says “We recognise the magnificence of dogs and the Eukanuba World Challenge is an excellent way to demonstrate our commitment and support to the breeders around the world.”

The 2008 event looks set to create even more excitement with 10 additional countries being invited to participate. Ron Menaker, AKC Chairman of the Board, commented “Based on the feedback we have received, the World Challenge was an overwhelming success and we look forward to increasing participation to include additional new countries”.

Dogs participating in the 2008 Eukanuba World Challenge will be selected by the National kennel clubs of the invited countries or, in a few cases, according to clear rules allowing for an independent selection of the top dog. The selection will be based on specific criteria and will encapsulate the dog’s show wins during the qualifying period.

In 2008 World Challenge dogs will be divided into the following 4 sections:

1 Europe and Africa Section 1 Judge - Mr Edd E Bivin from Forth Worth, Texas
2 Europe and Africa Section 2 Judge - Mr Rafael de Santiago from San Juan, Puerto Rico
3 The Americas Section Judge - Dr Paolo Dondina from Monterchi, Italy
4 Asia and Oceana Section Judge - Mr Ellis Hulme from Bolton, Lancashire, UK

These world renowned judges will select three winners from each of the four groups and from those twelve dogs, FCI President, Mr Hans Muller, from Zurich, Switzerland will select the ultimate winner, awarding the title; 2008 Eukanuba World Challenge Champion along with prize money. Mr Muller will also select a runner up and a first runner up.

It is recommended that exhibitors interested in participating in the 2008 event should contact their Eukanuba Representative, local kennel club or visit Eukanuba World Challenge Website for further information.