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Dog owner refuses to pay walk fine

A DEFIANT dog owner could be brought to court after refusing to pay a £75 fine for walking his dog in a cemetery.

Sandwell Council, in the Black Country, has brought in tough new rules banning people from walking dogs in cemeteries, and parts of parks and school grounds.

It says the rules are in response to public concern about health risks associated with dog mess. But Paul Perrins said there were no signs warning him not to walk his dog in Wood Green Cemetery, Wednesbury. Signs have been erected at the front entrance but not at the back entrance which he uses to access the cemetery.

Mr Perrins said: ‘Two wardens came up to me and told me I shouldn't be walking my dog, they were going to give me a fine. I said I didn't know because there's no signage on the cemetery.’ Councillor Derek Rowley said: ‘The dog control orders are a direct response to the public concerns about dog mess on the highways, cemeteries and park and schools.

‘This is a response to public concern.’