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MP and kennel club charged up to push for shock collar ban

Anne Snelgrove, the MP for South Swindon, is campaigning ahead of Crufts for a ban on electric shock collars.

The Kennel Club and Anne Snelgrove MP met to discuss their campaign to get electric shock collars, used for training dogs, banned. Anne has also written to Ministers Lord Rooker and Jonathan Shaw MP to ask for a meeting. In the letter Anne said: “I am concerned about the potential persistent and long-term behaviour differences that can result from their use. In the light of moves in Wales and Scotland to introduce such a ban I would be grateful for a meeting with you to discuss the approach of the Government to a ban in England.”

Anne has tabled several Parliamentary Questions about research into possible side effects, she will be at Crufts talking to dog owners about the campaign.

Anne said: “I believe it is inherently cruel to use electric shock pain to discourage unwanted behaviour in dogs. I am concerned that the use of pain to control animal behaviour could lead to long term behavioural changes including increased aggression towards children and other dogs.”