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Blush-saving lifeline for dog owners

WE’VE ALL been there – a dental check up that’s gone well beyond the normal six months, or an overdue service on the car – it can be embarrassing when you do turn up. Pet owners are facing the same dilemma with most dogs not up-to-date with their vaccinations. The good news is a new campaign – National Vaccination Month – aims to offer both a lifeline and spare our blushes when it comes to vaccinating our pets.

More than half of all dogs are not up-to-date with their vaccinations against a range of nasty diseases, some of which are fatal, widespread and on the increase. If your dog is one of them, you could benefit from the vaccination amnesty taking place in March 2008, as part of National Vaccination Month. If your dog has not been vaccinated in the last 18 months, he will be eligible during March for a full vaccination course for the price of a booster– saving you up to £30! Just log on to to print your voucher and find your nearest participating vet.

New research from Intervet, the animal health company behind the campaign shows that canine parvovirus – which causes acute gastroenteritis in dogs and is often fatal – is widespread with more than half of all vet practices seeing the disease in the past year. Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease) was seen by 40% of practices and, although less common, the concern with this disease is that it can be transmitted from dogs to humans. You should, at the very least, be vaccinating against these diseases. In addition, since all small animal vets frequently see the persistent and distressing condition kennel cough – dog owners should also discuss protecting against this disease with their vet.

All of these dog diseases can be prevented through vaccination, and now is your chance to get your pet’s jabs up-to-date for less.

To take part in the vaccination amnesty simply log on to: