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Eskimo dog entered at Crufts as a ‘mittel’
- spitz exhibitors angered as American Eskimo Dog
shown as a ‘Mittel’ at Crufts

A SCANDAL broke out at Crufts last Thursday when a registered American Eskimo Dog was entered and shown as a German Spitz Mittel and ended up winning Reserve in the breed class!

The dog in question, Ch Howlingrocks Sxn the City, aka ‘Big’ (after the character in the TV series ‘Sex In The City’) was exhibited as a German Spitz Mittel by Mrs B Umberto and Mr D Wells from New Hampshire, USA – but the dog has been exhibited in both America and at last year’s World Dog Show in Poland –where it gained titles – as an American Eskimo Dog.

In the USA, the breed of German Spitz does not exist. So every breed of this type of corresponding size is classed as ‘Pomeranian’, whilst everything else above 28cm is simply classed as ‘Eskimo.’

Big, who was registered at Crufts as a German Middle White Spitz, has clearly written in his pedigree that he is an American Eskimo Dog (a white colour with beige marks). It would seem that the show’s organisers didn’t have a problem with this.

Big’s owner’s mother Andrea Quinn posted a brag on the American Eskimo Dog Club of America website regarding Big’s win: ‘My dog's son CH Howlingrocks Sxn the City (CH Sujo Baby Bear x Snozan's Misty Mountain Jewel) showed at Crufts today as a German Spitz (Mittel) and won Reserve from the Open class! If I read the website right there were 90 Mittel Spitz entered and the Open dog winner also took BOB. I've been told that it's a huge show and we are just beside ourselves that he did this well especially with some serious jet lag too-LOL!

’I'm still figuring out how the whole judging thing works abroad but we are all thrilled! Big was bred by Betty Umberto-Wells and she is in London with him and their handler, Sue Burell, who some of you know if you show in New England. Sue showed him at the World Dog Show in Poland 2006 where he took BOB and also received a Polish CH. as well as the World Ch.’

It is understood that a number of German Spitz Mittel exhibitors paid the £35 objection fee and to the KC at Crufts and have lodged a formal objection against the dog’s placing. The matter will now be investigated by the KC, but whatever the eventual outcome, it is clear that feelings are running very high.

As one German Spitz Mittel exhibitor (who declined to be named, commented): ‘Crufts is the greatest dog show in the world. This sort of thing only degrades that image and makes the whole KC look stupid. Basically, they’ve allowed a dog of a different breed to compete as a German Spitz and this shouldn’t be allowed to happen again. There’s got to be a better system of checking the dogs’ pedigrees and background in future.’

Last year a German Spitz registered as a crossbreed by the German Kennel Club (VDH) in Germany had its international title revoked. The VDH asked the FCI to remove the title from Dutch Ch Snoopy vom Alten Feuerwehrturm in January 2007.

Despite that the dog was entered in Open Dog at Crufts 2006 where it was placed sixth, having qualified at the World Show held in Poland in November 2006.

Snoopy’s German pedigree shows that his sire was German Spitz and his dam a Keeshond. The VDH registered the crossbreed but attached conditions to the pedigree indicating that he could not be shown or bred from in Germany. At the time the Dutch KC said that it had rule for cross varity breeding allowing crossbred dogs to be shown if they had applied for a pedigree from an FCI member kennel club.

The KC declined to comment, as the matter was now the subject of an official investigation.