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Gunning for success at Crufts

The working ability of gundogs was celebrated at Crufts for the first time this year when twenty-two dogs were presented with the re-launched working gundog certificate to prove their competence on a shoot.

While most dogs at Crufts are bred principally for their ability to show in the ring, working gundogs need to stay in tune with their working and hunting instincts in order to be an asset in the shooting field.

The twenty-two dogs awarded with their certificates at Crufts had all proved their credentials in control, obedience, temperament and hunting – the minimum criteria that Kennel Club registered working gundogs and their handlers are assessed against to prove that they are a competent partnership.

The success of all gundogs is now recognised by the Kennel Club and the re-launched certificate is open to pointing breeds, which are assessed on their abilities at hunting, locating, pointing and steadiness.

The assessments for the certificate can be taken at a variety of events throughout the year including on a shoot using game, a Working Certificate Gundog day for dogs that retrieve dummies, a Working Certificate Gundog day for dogs that point or at a Gundog Working test.
Hilary Gould, Kennel Club Field Trials Team Leader, said: “The presentation of this award at Crufts was an exciting opportunity to recognise the skilful association between working gundogs and their handlers.”

“The newly re-launched certificate has opened the award up to all gundog subgroups and has been streamlined to create a more simple and attractive award for all gundog handlers.”