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East Anglian Supermatch

They say time flies when you are having fun, but I am gradually leaning towards the “time goes quicker the older you get”, as before I knew it, it was again time for the East Anglian Supermatch.
This annual event hosted by Huntingdonshire Canine society and sponsored by Royal Canin and Dezynadog is now recognised as “the” prequel to Crufts.

As ever entrance to the event is hotly contested for not only is the event restricted numerically by the KC special events licence, but your dog has to have won either Best or Reserve Best in show or Best Puppy or Reserve Best Puppy in show at selected shows.

Thankfully those that are not lucky enough to qualify are still able to attend, and many do just to spectate, support and enjoy being with like minded people. Even if many are unrecognisable in their posh frocks.

With the dogs and exhibitors settled into the benching area, the numbers were drawn and the judges announced. This year the officials were Denys Simpson, Pat Chadwick and Jeff Luscott who had the unenviable task of whittling 32 of each age group down to just 2.

The puppy match was soon under way with Denys Simpson and Pat Chadwick judging the first few rounds, and before we knew it (this time I put time flying so quickly down to having fun!) and we were down to the third round and Jeff Luscott made his debut into the ring, in order to weed it down to his final four.

The quarter final saw the whippet – Stormburst Winter Berry homebred by Mr & Mrs Bennett pitched against the Lhasa Apso Damjoz First Edition with the Lhasa going through. Then saw Angela Gillespie’s Border Collie Bordertime Petticoat Lane for Detania up against the St Bernard Abbotsbury Volcano with Chandlimore with the St Bernard going through.

Jeff then had his final two and after making them move again the podia were brought out and the Best Puppy in Match was announced as the Lhasa Apso Damjoz First Edition.

This youngster was bred by Mr Norris and is co-owned with his handler Lee Studholme.
“Jerry” has had a very successful show career and was Best Puppy in breed at Crufts 2007 and won a Res CC at Bournemouth out of junior. Reserve Best Puppy was Kathy Lane & Tan Nagrecha’s youngster Abbotsbury Volcano with Chandlimore AKA “Rooney”. Rooney has only been shown sparingly but qualified winning Best Puppy in Show at Isle of Ely.

With no time for a break it was straight on to the adult match where Pat Chadwick and Jeff Luscott shared the first few rounds, and Deny Simpson soon returned to the ring where after a few tough decisions was left with a final four.

The first pairing was Mrs Parkers homebred Pomeranian Daranash Naughty but Nice ShCM against the Tibetan Terrier Ch Aivlys Best Mate JW, with the Tibetan Terrier going through.

The second pairing saw Ruth Gibson’s St Bernard Poolsway Yogi Bear pitted against the Alaskan Malamute Tuvuarat Made in America JW ShCM with the malamute sent through.

The final two then returned to the ring for the judge to make his final decision and with the podiums brought out, our commentator Judith Armstrong kept us in suspense with a dramatic pause before the winner was announced as Mr & Mrs Hunters Alaskan Malamute Tuvuarat Made in America aka “Sherman”.

This two year old dog was actually conceived in America with his dam travelling to the US to be mated and brought back in whelp and despite his young age he has already won two CCs and won the Group and RBIS at both three Counties and National Working and Pastoral breeds in 2007.

All this winning despite (according to his most embarrassing moments) his owner/handler being known to occasionally run into judges, table, ring markers etc even losing a shoe on the night. Reserve went to Sue Garner’s lovely Tibetan Terrier Ch Aivlys Best Mate JW. Another very successful dog he gained his title at Buba 2007 and again is homebred.

Before dinner was served there was time for a short photo call and the winners were announced for the best presented duo. The winner, who won a bounty of goodies donated by Dezynadog including a etched mirror was Ruth Gibson who was sporting a rather glamorous jacket which I know many were coveting. Best Male was Chris Parcell whose whippet Barnesmore Flash Alice avec Harlexton sported a matching bow tie. Again Chris was somewhat spoiled with the prizes donated by Dezynadog.

With Grace given by the president of Huntingdonshire Canine Societies Tony Johnson, everybody was soon tucking into their dinners prior to being persuaded to part with their hard earned five pound notes for the rather splendid raffle. As ever everybody was incredibly generous and as usual the Irish wolfhound crowd were incredibly supportive with £760 being raised for the Animal Health Trust.

The disco could then begin, and almost immediately a crowd swarmed to the dance floor including our judges and I understand some had to be almost forcibly removed at the end of the evening.
As usual Avril and Stan who organise the event surpassed themselves even despite them now living in France and Avril fighting illness. The event goes from strength to strength and it is an event which is not only a joy to attend, but also an event with which we are all very proud to be associated.

Hannah Thompson

MANY THANKS to the committee of the East Anglian Supermatch for their kind invitation to judge the final round of this match, and some of the puppy rounds, with the emphasis being on the word ‘super’.

The winner of the adult section was Mr and Mrs K Hunter’s Alaskan Malamute Tamarak Made in America JW Sh CH. Well constructed throughout, and a pleasure to go over. Good heart, eye, and a most delightful expression. Good length of neck, well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, firm loin, well muscled quarters, used to the full when on the move. Worthy of top spot.
Runner-up was Mrs Sue Garner’s Tibetan Terrier Ch Arvley’s Best Mate. Another well constructed dog. Good head, and expression, good front assembly, well laid shoulders, lovely spring of rib, nice quarters, well turned stifle, moved well, beautifully presented. preferred overall conformation of winner.

Others of note: Mrs Ruth Gibson’s St Bernard Poolsway Yogi Bear. Upstanding dog, a bundle of energy, good strong head and expression. Firm neck of good length, well constructed body, good bone, nice angulation of quarters, lovely spring of rib, moved really well. Handler had her work cut out to keep up.

Mrs S Barkers Pomeranian Daranash Naught but Nice Sh Ch lived up to the name. Good overall conformation, sweetest of expressions and body construction, beautifully presented, let down a little when on the move.

Alison Stutcher Sh Ch Winsleywood Waterloo JW Sh Ch Labrador Stands well. Good head, nice expression, nice reach of neck, on well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, firm topline, nice quarters, moved quite well. Well presented.

Gill Barwick’s Hungarian Vizsla Bequerella Coopers Creek JW. Nice overall conformation, good outline, good head, eye and reach of neck, held topline well when on the move, nice quarters, strode out well. Well muscled.

Mr and Mrs Oxley’s L/H Dachs Ch Owlery Valentine. Pleasing type, liked a lot, unlucky to come up against the eventual winner of the match so early, good head, well laid shoulder, good front, nice body shape, good quarters, moved well.

From the puppy section the Llasa ApsoDambos First Edition, owned by Norris and Studholme really looked the part, lovely head and expressions, body well constructed, moved really well and was an education in presentation. Top puppy.

Denys Simpson