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Obituary - Mrs Jean Taylor (Enydelet)

On Saturday 15th March the world of dogs lost a good friend in Jean Taylor of Enydelet Great Danes.

It is five years since Jean and Jack Taylor celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary and it was open house all day at their home in Mottram. They had bought in enough food to feed an army and Jack could be seen late in the evening still cooking steaks!

Jean and I had known each another for over 40 years and we had enjoyed many good nights in the old days, when Jean, as Chairman of Shaw, Crompton & Royton CS, organised the wonderful Christmas Dinner Dances. Husband Jack, held the position of secretary of the society.

Jean had done sterling work in helping to get the Great Dane Breed Council off the ground in her capacity as secretary and had a wonderful friendship with the late Mrs Olive Davies.

At the time of her death Jean held the position of President of the Northern Great Dane Club, having served on the committee for over thirty years. Jean had been a member of the Northern Dog Centre fund raising committee for many years and attended their last meeting when it was decided which charities should benefit from the money still in the bank.

It is incredible to think how Jean found the energy and enthusiasm to fit in all these canine activities whilst running her own business in the Electronic Industry which involved travelling to Europe and the USA.

Jean was of the old school, completely honest and called a spade a spade. She could be forthright, especially on something which she felt very strongly, but at heart she was very kind and generous to a fault.

Jean had judged at home and abroad and was well respected among dog people. They had bred and shown many champions and had even imported Great Danes from America to complement their lines.

On being taken seriously ill at one of the Northern Dog Centre Events it was Jean who went along to the hospital with my husband Dennis and stayed until I was safely ensconced in the ward.
Dennis and Jean must have looked quite out of place in the Accident and Emergency Ward in all their finery amongst what I understand at the time were a considerable number of battered and blood spattered young men.

Jean visited me over the next few weeks and we corresponded regularly via email and Dennis and I looked forward to our visits to their home were there was always a very warm welcome.
Jean fell on Thursday 6th March and was admitted to Tameside Hospital in a coma, where it was found she had a fractured skull. Although her family was with her until the end, Jean did not gain consciousness.

The funeral will take place at St Joseph’s Church, Shaw at 10am on Monday 7th April followed by committal at Shaw Cemetery at 11.15am. Our thoughts go out to Jack and the immediate family.

Margaret Ledward