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International judges for the Contest of champions

The Canine Charity Supporters Contest of Champion Show Dogs has attracted 64 top winning dogs, more quickly than ever before and looks set to be another well supported and successful fund raising event for the charity.

The event is being held at the Thistle Hotel, Heathrow on April 5th.

The contest will be judged by three allrounders from Germany, Finland and Sweden. Apart from dinner and dancing, other attractions include the tombola, sweepstakes and an auction. Exhibitors at the event are reminded to pick up after their dogs in the precincts of the hotel, otherwise this spacious venue will be lost.

The entries are as follows:

1 Smooth Fox T Ch Glendraterra Dawn Run

2 Bedlington T Ch Lowbrook Llaffan JW ShCM

3 Cesky T Janski Celtic Ceska

4 WHWT Ch Pepabby Priceless

5 Basenji Ch/Am Ch Klassics Million Dollar Baby at Tokaji

6 French Bulldog Ch Feniton Fergus at Morvern

7 Schipperke Ch Schipdale Orlando

8 LC Chihuahua Ch/Ir/Am Ch Emerald Lord of the Dance at Keeenaughts ShCM

9 Japanese Chin Ch Sangria Siver Bullet

10 Affenpinscher Ch Roxilyn Just For Jo

11 Pug Ch Passionelle Texas Ranger at Dimrost JW

12 Maltese Ch Benatone Gold Ring

13 Shih Tzu Ch Tameron Mr Kenzo

14 Miniature Poodle Ch Minarets Secret Assignment

15 Lhasa Apso Ch Jalus Galileo

16 German Spitz Klein Ch Stonelight Dashing Denzel

17 German Spitz Mittel Ch Spellcast Talk To Me

18 Coton de Tulear Cotonkiss Calico at Cotonden

19 Boston Terrier Ch Mathio Magic Moments for Antrix

20 Bull Terrier Ch Crossgarley Caccharrel

21 Glen of Imaal T Ch/Ir/Am Ch Abberann Conan

22 Schnauzer Ch Khanate Million Dollar Baby

23 Japanese Shiba Inu Ch Jiltrain Jack the Lad

24 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ch Gowerston Jazz Singer for Pemcader

25 Beagle Ch Dialynne Maximus

26 Staffordshire Bull T Ch Stormpike Dark Lord

27 Tibetan T Ch Schanti’s Sonny-Lamleh at Walkamile

28 Hungarian Puli Ch Rockisland Rocks on the Road

29 Keeshond Ch Neradmik D’Artagnan

30 Bulldog Ch Iceglint I’m Harry

31 Canaan Dog Am/Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star

32 Bergamasco Bautastenens Alve for Essandsee

33 German Pinscher Tubize van’Nistelrooy for Remikz Shcm

34 Swedish Vallhund Ch Candace Hermes

35 Cocker Spaniel Sh Ch Dillonpark Ambrogina

36 Kooikerhondje Bel Ch Poacher Wescalle v Muskyteira at Bynton

37 Pharaoh Hound Ch Ankors Enenet-Hemset

38 Finnish Lapphund Glenchess Revontuli

39 NSDT Retriever Narod Aroona

40 Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen Debucher Savoir Faire

41 Shar-pei Ch Jentiki Jigsaw Puzzle

42 Norwegian Buhund Ch Arnscroft Di-Claudius

43 B.S.D. Tervueren Ch Talamo Notorious

44 Akita Ch Stecal’s Step Out With Style

45 Pembroke Welsh Corgi Ch Double Red Dragon at Woodhenge

46 Bloodhound Ch Marksbury Wistful

47 Briard Ch Vastie Blonde De La Tour St Genin

48 Polish Lowland Sheepdog Ch Mybeards Treaty of Delphinia

49 Standard Poodle Int Ch. Ch Huffish On Every Street

50 Bearded Collie Ch Clopar Celtic Razzles Boy

51 Golden Retriever Ch Catcombe Corblimey

52 Hovawart Pines Saxaphone at Hightimbers

53 Dobermann Ch/IrCh Aritaur Hipnotique

54 Kerry Blue Terrier Ch Arkama Penelope Pitstop

55 Otterhound Cairos Mystical Miss Tucker

56 Bullmastiff Ch.Hun/Mol/Rom/Bos Ch Pi-Et-Ra Zebulon of Trefilio

57 Russian Black T Clanheir The Invincible

58 Estrela Mountain Dog Karabas Likande La Menna Letta of Sturtmoor

59 Alaskan Malamute Tuvaurat Made in America JW

60 Dogue de Bordeaux Ir Ch Jerivindi Magena at Duntarvie

61 Great Dane Ch Myhalston Mr Malachi

62 Neapolitan Mastiff Dainarck Bell

63 Tibetan Mastiff Sierra’s Yogananda

64 Pyrenean Mountain Dog Ch/AmCh Rivergroves Murphy-Goode

A full report and photos will be featured in our April 11th issue.