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Grooming for success at the SKC Show

Young Kennel Club (YKC) members are being offered the chance to qualify for Crufts 2009 and once again due to the generosity of the Scottish Kennel Club, the qualifier will be held at their championship show on 17 May 2008.

The discipline of grooming encompasses all aspects of coat and skin care for animals and for this qualifier can include the bathing, brushing, clipping, hand stripping and styling of dogs. Grooming teaches participants the importance of taking care of and ensuring all dogs well kept, and for some could be the gateway to a highly skilled professional career.

All YKC members are eligible to enter the competition which awards marks based on a combination of the contestant’s good presentation and careful handling. Each contestant is given a maximum of two hours to impress the judge with their grooming skills.

Danielle Reid, the winner of the Groomer of the Year award at Crufts 2008 set herself on the path to success when she qualified at the Scottish Kennel Club heat in 2007. To be in the running to qualify for Crufts 2009 at the Scottish Kennel Club yourself, either download an entry form online at and click on Competing with your Dog or contact the YKC office on 020-7518 1030. The cost of entry is £2.00 per person.