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Canine Partners north of the Border

Canine Partners, the charity specialising in providing highly trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities, has announced its expansion into Scotland, which will enable them to offer support to more people across the UK.

The first partnership is now working well in Dumfries between Vivien Mullett and her new partner Cosmo. Having graduated from training at the end of 2007 Vivien and Cosmo are now living their new life together. “Prior to having Cosmo, life was somewhat frustrating as I had very little personal space and lacked the confidence to go far in my chair.” says Vivien. “Cosmo has given me the ability to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. He provides me with unconditional love.” It is planned that a further six partnerships will be formed, before the end of 2008, in Scotland.

This bond between partners emphasises that a Canine Partner is so much more than a practical task doer, but also a friend and companion.

A satellite office is already up and running in Angus, and demand for the service is so great there are plans to launch another one in Glasgow this year.

As Canine Partners increases its presence in Scotland more local help is needed in the form of Puppy Parents, Fundraisers and volunteers. The charity is also seeking applicants who feel they could benefit from having a canine partner.

James Barr, from Canine Partners in Scotland emphasises the benefits of expanding the charities role to new areas of the UK and says, “There are in excess of 8,000 people with severe physical disabilities in Scotland and a large percentage of them could benefit from a Canine Partner.”

The charity also continues to grow across England and Wales and now has over 140 partnerships in place. With 7 satellite offices, as well as the headquarters in Surrey, facilitating access for many more people all over the country Canine Partners continues to move from strength to strength.

* If you want to know more about Canine Partners (Reg. Charity No: 803680) please visit their website at