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DDA dog goes free

ANOTHER CROSSBRED was spared destruction after being charged as an illegal ‘pit bull type’ dog under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

John Rogger’ four year old pet dog, Tye was seized from his West London home last Novemberg. Roggers’ three other dogs were left, but Tye was removed. He subsequently telephoned anti-DDA group EDDR’s helpline and was given advice and support throughout; he telephoned the police almost every day at one point as he couldn’t bear to think of his dog, who he had owned from a puppy, in a kennel situation. He also contacted Superintendent Simon Ovens of the Metropolitan Police who monitors the welfare of seized dogs and gained an update regarding his dog’s condition which helped put his mind at rest for a limited time.

Appearing before Ealing Magistrates Court earlier this year, charged under Section One of the DDA, Roggers pleaded guilty to owning an un-registered dog. His family collected statements from neighbours and their vet, a petition was signed by locals who know Tye, the local MP raised questions and the young children sent in their own letters asking the magistrates that their dog ‘be allowed to come home as he is a good boy’.

Met. Police Breed Identification expert Sgt. McPharland gave evidence at the hearing and explained to the court that Tye was of good temperament. Despite this evidence, the court was leaning towards destruction, but after a vigorous nerve wracking debate, with Tye’s desperate owner on the edge of his seat, the court decided, with the help of evidence given by Sgt. McPharland, to spare the life of Tye and ordered him registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs It was a great relief for all concerned. Tye was later returned home fully exempted, on February 18th, ending 85 days of incarceration which had been an absolute nightmare for his family.