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Dead Dog ‘Victim Of Illegal Dog Fighting’

A dead dog which was found with bites to the head may have been involved in an illegal dog fight, claim the RSPCA.

The 19-month-old Dogue de Bordeaux was found in a lay-by in Basingstoke on Friday morning. A vet later confirmed that the bitch had been attacked by a larger animal and appeared to have died the night before.

RSPCA officials are concerned that there may be other injured dogs in the area that require medical treatment.

‘Although we cannot rule out the possibility this dog was attacked by another pet and it got out of hand, it is far more likely this poor creature was involved in dog fighting,’ said RSPCA Inspector, Jan Edwards.

‘We are very concerned that there may be other injured dogs in need of treatment and I would urge anyone who has information about this incident to contact the RSPCA.’

The dog in question was traced back to a man from the Tyne and Wear area who had sold the dog on the internet to a middle-aged woman in either Surrey or Sussex about a year ago.