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Kennel Club of Jersey Winter Championship Show 2008

Many thanks to the Secretary and Officers for inviting me to judge at this well-organised show. It was a super venue, food excellent and the line-up for Best in Show was of the highest quality.

TOY GROUP BICHON FRISE: OB 1 Officer’s Honeyvale Neige Emlette. Nice breed type in good coat, plenty of bone and substance, nice head, good front, moved and showed well.

BOB. CKCS: L 1 Le Bon’s Admirari Rainbow Brite. Nice feminine head, good type, shade big, good quarters and tail set, sound mover. RBIB. O (1) Goguelin’s Astelle Corbierre. Lovely head and eye, well marked, well bent stifle, good mover who put all in. BOB & G3.

JAPANESE CHIN: L 1 Curwood’s Yama Tiara. Classy feminine head, well set ears, nice outline and tail set. Coat not at its best. Showed well.

BOB. PAPILLON: P 1 Morgan’s Serenglade Hot Toddy. Lovely type, super head and eyes, correct ears, good front and bone. Well set tail, showed and moved well. RBOB & PUPPY G2. 2 Morgan’s Serenglade Silver Surfer. L 1 Morgan’s Tutyak Brodie. Most pleasing head. Well placed ears, nice length of back and good tail set. Sound free mover.

CHINESE CRESTED: O 1 Officer’s Shipotone I Got Rhythm. Nice breed type, good head and ears and nice eye shape. Did not like the floor but was sound.

BOB. WHIPPETS: P 1 Walker’s Colyco Choice Occasion For Petwalk. Lovely head, nice front feet and topline, good shaped quarters. Moved and showed well.

B HOUND P. L 1 Walker’s Barnesmore Say No More With Petwalk. Lovely feminine head, good legs and feet, correct topline, showed and moved well. BH. 2 Officer’s Eeri Norwegian Wood. 3 Hannigan’s Eeri Double Fantasy. OD 1 Mottershaw’s Barnesmore Trick Or Treat At Elangeni. Well grown masculine dog, good front feet and outline. Well Ribbed, Nice bend of stifle, Sound. 2 Walker’s Nave Of Spades Of Nevedich. 3 Mottershaw’s Eeri Love Me Do At Elangeni. OB 1 Mottershaw’s Ir Ch Barnesmore Bejaysus. Nice Sized Feminine Bitch With Good Neck And Shoulders, nice topline and quarters, well muscled, sound mover. 2 Officer’s Eeri Autumn Leaves. Elkhound: Od 1 Gilluley’s Bowerhinton Bonanza. Nice type, lovely head, good eye and ears, well bodied, carries tail well. In good coat, moved well both ways. Just a little straight in quarters. BOB & G3. OB 1 Bowerhinton Bright N Early. Another nice one, quality head, well placed ears, strong body, good shaped quarters. Sound mover but not putting all in.

AFGHAN: O 1 Mottershaw’s Int/Lux/Ger Ch Jacosta Black In A Flash. Lovely clean head, good front and outline, well shaped quarters, in good coat. RBH. 2 Mottershaw’s Aust/N2/Ch Mote Mahal Star Of Jhange.

YORKSHIRE TERRIER: L 1 Windsor’s Davonne’s Elegant Style. Nice feminine head, nice eye. Topline not quite level. Good colour, moved well. OB 1 Windsor’s Davonne’s Golden Illusion. Lovely head and eye, neat ears, correct feet, nice topline when settled. Good coat and colour. Sound free mover. BOB & G4. AV TOY: MP 1 Thelbern Step In Time With Rudoli. P 1 Serenglade Silver Surfer. J 1 Thelbern The Role Model. 2 Tutyak Brodie. 3 Thelbern Waltzing Matilda. Y 1 Thelbern The Tangerine Man. 2 Yakee Equal Opportunity At Ksarina. 3 Admirari Rainbow Brite. N 1 Yaki Equal Opportunity At Ksarina. 2 Yama Tiara. G 1 Thelbern Waltzing Matilda At Rudoli. 2 Davonne’s Elegant Style. OD 1 Thelbern The Tangerine Man. Bt. 2. Ksarina Designer’s Dream. 3 Thelbern Bold As Brass At Rudoli. OD 1 Davonne’s Golden Illusion. 2 Thelbern The Role Model. 3 Honeyvale Neige Emlette. Av Toy: V 1 Ksarina Designer’s Dream. 2 Astelle Corbierre. G3.

HOUND GROUP: DASCHUND (WH): OD 1. Goodrall’s Gaytackels Seaexpectation At Renlott. Good type, nice head and topline, good front and forechest, well bent stifle, shade down in pastern. Good hocks, moved well.

BOB. OB 1 Pitman’s Le Petit Coin Dee Pre. Nice type with pleasing head, neck and shoulders. Nice shape and quarters. Coat a little soft. Sound.

POMERANIAN: P 1 Schofield’s Thelbern Step In Time With Rudoli. Most promising youngster. Has super head, eyes and ears, good front and feet, compact body and well set tail. Good coat for age, showed and moved really well.

BP & PUPPY GI & BPIS. L 1 Alsford’s Thelbern The Role Model. Super breed type. Has good head, dark eye and neat ears. Good front and shoulders, short coupled with good shaped quarters. Tail just right, nice coat, very sound mover. OD 1 Alsford’s Thelbern The Tangerine Man. Most lovely head, eye and ears. Very compact, excellent front and feet, well set tail, good quarters. In super coat and rich colour, very sound both ways. BOB & GI. 2 Schofield’s Thelbern Bold As Brass At Rudoli. 3 Bennet’s Monsieur Le Blanc. Was a lovely class. OB 1 Schofield’s Thelbern Waltzing Matilda At Rudoli. Lovely Type With Quality feminine head. Nice eye and ears, good front and feet, nice outline and quarters. Not back in best coat yet. Showed and moved well.

PEKINGESE: L 1 Dale And Michel’s Yakee Equal Opportunity At Ksarina. Lovely breed type, super head and eye. Excellent topline and well put down. Unfortunately reluctant to move. OD 1 Dale And Michel’s Ksarina Designer’s Dream. Nice shaped head and eye, good front and feet, short coupled and nice quarters. Good coat texture, very sound mover. BOB. OB 1 Dale And Michel’s Ksarina Stardust Melody. Nice type, classy head. Would like shade bigger nose. Lovely front assembly, short back, well ribbed. Coat rather soft. Sound mover. AVNSC: L 1 Sebire’s Bouvee Brilliant. Nice type daschund (min wire). Lovely head and outline, well bent stifle. Harsh coat, sound mover. G4. 2 Sebire’s Kanix Karina Of Bouvee. Nice shaped head and eye. Good topline and tail set, well bent stifle.

D. Spavin