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Kennel Club of Jersey Winter Championship Show 2008

I put Mr & Mrs Turner’s 4 yr old red tri colour Australian Shepherd male import, Am Ch Harmonyhill Satin Funnycideman at Chakona BOB, first in the Pastoral Group, the CC and then later BIS and was pleased to discover that he was made up on the day because he was a cracker; he was so well made and nicely put together.

This was a super dog with lovely balance and a strikingly clear colour. He had the best of heads being dry and clean cut with a pleasingly tapering muzzle and well defined although moderate stop. I liked his eyes as they were bright and enquiring, level planes and high set triangular ears and his mouth was good too. He had a beautiful shapely strong body of the correct height to length ratio being slightly longer than high and his shoulders sat nicely back. This boy had well sprung ribs, a strong level backline and was correctly angulated front and back. I liked his bone and overall soundness; he stood on good legs and feet and looked at me right. He was handled to perfection and he moved around the ring with a sure-footed, smooth easy action showing good reach in front, enabling him to cover the ground economically with the least effort and I had no hesitation in pointing him into the top spot.

Reserve CC and second in the Pastoral Group went to Laurence’s GSD Penwartha Apache Arrow. Powerful B/T/G male of 4yrs, in super tip top condition with the best of coats and beautiful bone. He had a masculine clean cut well balanced head with dark eyes showing a lively expression, nice firmly erect ears and good mouth with full dentition. His body was powerful, slightly long and shapely. He had good front and rear quarters; his ribs were well formed and long, loin was broad, croup gently curving and tail set spot on. This boy set up and handled nicely and moved easily and freely around the ring with strides of equal length, reaching well out in front and retaining his topline on the go.

I put a Llasa Apso BOB, first in the Utility Group, the CC and also Reserve BIS. A stunning 2yr old gold/white male owned by Mr Walker, Khalila Justin Credible For Petwalk. This boy was beautifully well turned out and handled superbly. He was so well balanced and sturdy with a lovely head and beautiful face furnishings. His eyes were dark and well placed, ears heavily coated and hanging correctly and his mouth was good with the correct dentition. This boy had lovely bone and a shapely well covered frame with a level topline. His angulation front and back were pleasing and he showed a striking profile outline with a well feathered high set tail that was carried beautifully, well-over his back. This boy was shown to perfection and put down in tip top condition; he showed like a bomb and moved around the ring easily and freely with a cheeky, jaunty action and keeping his topline as he did so.

Reserve CC in the Utility Group went to Dingle’s Inyawood Miss Brodie. 21mth old Frenchie bitch with a stunning head piece, dark eye, super mouth and firmly erect ears. This young lady stood on good legs and feet with enough width in front, her shoulders sat nicely back and she had a shapely body, good ribs and pleasing roach. She had excellent rear quarters and correct low set tail, she could fill out a bit more to advantage although she is not yet fully mature. She set up and handled to advantage and moved easily and freely around the ring with a sure-footed steady gait showing a slight roll from behind.

I gave a very well made 5 yr old male Boxer BOB, first in the Working Group, the CC and 3rd BIS and was pleased to learn that it was his crowning CC too. Docrema Millionaire PD’H is owned and shown by Dr Margaret Bayes and this medium sized well made boy has a beautiful well balanced head. His skull is lean and muzzle wide, deep through and powerful. He has the best of eyes, small neat ears and a pleasing thrust and turn up of under jaw. I liked his chin as it was visible from any angle and width and depth of muzzle; quality of lip was obvious and he has a good mouth with correct dentition. This boy has a shapely well covered frame with super ribbing that was well sprung and evenly spaced back to loin. His shoulders sat nicely back and topline was strong and firm. He had a tight short jacket and was presented in hard condition and he moved easily and freely around the ring with a sure-footed easy action that was both economical and pleasing to watch.

Reserve CC in the Working Group went to Warn’s Siberian Husky Lapatka Spirit Wolf. Super grey/white medium sized well balanced bitch of 6yrs old. Very nice type with lovely head, obliquely set almond shaped eyes, good mouth with well pigmented close fitting lips and firmly erect high set ears. She had a super shapely body and straight front. I liked her moderate bone, level topline and angulation both ends. Coat was just starting to blow but a very nice bitch nonetheless, she set up and handled well and moved nicely around the ring with a free and graceful action.

4th BIS was the Irish Setter Tiroen Taylormade PD’H. Owned by Mrs Cox. Super dog in excellent condition with the best of heads and a well balanced body. I liked his shoulder placement, depth of chest and narrow front, this boy was handsome, racy and refined and full of quality, his rear quarters were wide and powerful and chestnut coat fine and silky. He was handled and shown to perfection and moved around the ring easily and freely with a flowing gait with plenty of drive and retaining his topline as he did so.

Best Puppy In Show was the Pomeranian, Thelbern Step In Time With Rudoli, owned by Mr Schofield. This youngster was nine months old and full of quality with a super head and nose, being foxy in outline. I liked his eyes, small ears and decent mouth. His body was short and compact and he had lovely barrel ribs. He was in good coat and condition with a high set tail and he set up and handled smartly and moved easily and freely with a brisk gait. Reserve BPIS was the Toy Poodle bitch Meantmore Loiter In The Wings. Eight months old and owned by Miss Smithers. What a super little girl with so much about her, I liked her head, it was long and fine with well chiselled foreface. She had dark eyes, long low ears and a decent mouth. This super stylish girl had so much going for her with lovely neck let into well laid shoulders, super shapely body and nice angulation both ends. She was in good coat and condition and set up beautifully and moved correctly. My biggest disappointment on the day was to find not one Boston at the show? Why is that I wonder because the popularity of the Boston breed is increasing day by day and I do hope that situation changes soon because this smart little breed can stand up against any at the moment; and of course you know me, I’ll grasp any opportunity I get to promote my lovely breed.

Margeret Wildman