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Does Mick hold the record?

Dorset County CS held its AGM earlier this month and the room was filled with members all wishing to show their appreciation to Mick Carpenter on his retirement as secretary to the Club for the last 40 years, writes Colin Penney

Mick CarpenterMick who is well known to thousands in the world of dogs, moved to the area in the late fifties and bought his first beagle pup in the early sixties. Realising his new best friend needed some training he first joined the Weymouth Dog Training Club and shortly after, a friend suggested that his Beagle would probably do well in the Show ring. Mick started his show career exhibiting at the local DCC Shows. After a while he was invited to join the committee of DCC. At that time the secretary was Terrence Windrum who had to stand down in 1968 as at that time Committee Members had to live in the County and Mr Windrum moved to Wiltshire. Lucille Horniman invited Mick to stand as Hon Sec and was duly elected.

From here Mick with lots help from people such as Tom Mitchell, Tom Uphill, Bob Wine, and many others in the dog show world, learnt the ropes and with his wife Gwen, herself a Committee Member for many years, devoted so much of their lives to DCC, organising usually two and in the early days three shows a year.

Over the 40 year span only three shows had to be cancelled and these were due to Foot & Mouth and the weather which even Mick with all his contacts couldn’t alter. As well as Mick retiring from the Committee, George Gillespie, Vice Chairman, also stood down after some 30 years plus.
Presentations on behalf of the Club were made to Mr Carpenter, Mrs Carpenter, and Mr Gillespie, by the Chairperson Mrs S. Linter.

Thanking everyone for their support during his time as Hon Sec, Mr Carpenter hoped that members would give the same wonderful support to Mrs Lynne Scott (Overbecks) who was elected as Hon Sec. Mick said he had every confidence in Lynne who had already proved to be a most valued member of the Society.

Mrs Linter said that Mrs Carpenter had stepped down as President to allow Mr Carpenter to accept the Presidency.