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RSPCA and dogs trust issue rabies alert

TWO LEADING animal welfare groups have warned holidaymakers not to be tempted to touch or bring home stray foreign dogs or cats.

Officials from the RSPCA and the Dogs Trust issued the warning after a rabid puppy imported from Sri Lanka bit three people at a UK quarantine kennels (see above).

RSPCA officials warned travellers against being ‘overwhelmed by emotion’.

A spokesman said stray animals could have rabies or other diseases and could be dangerous.
‘If you're concerned contact a local animal welfare group. If that's not possible tell us when you get home and we will try to contact an animal welfare group in that country for you,’ he said
‘Bringing an animal back to Britain is a long and difficult process. It's not in your best interests and it's not in the animal's. If you want to adopt a stray dog there are plenty in Britain.’

The Dogs Trust reiterated the RSPCA's advice. Its veterinary director Chris Laurence added: ‘This incident shows how important our current controls are in preventing this awful disease entering the country. It also should increase our resolve to fight any proposals from the European Union to dilute our safeguards.’