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World Week For animals in laboratories

FROM MARCH 2009, the testing on animals of ingredients used in lipsticks, deodorants and other cosmetics will largely have become illegal through laws passed under the 1976 European Union, (EU) Cosmetics Directive 76/768EEC. Since 1986 animal rights groups have observed a week-long annual protest against the use of animals in laboratories. This week is World Week for Animals in Laboratories.

A global event, WWAIL seeks to educate the public about the scientific, moral, and economic objections to vivisection. It challenges the entrenched view of research industries that animal experimentation is necessary.

Alistair Currie, Senior Research & Campaigns Co-ordinator, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Europe offered this timely reminder: ‘Of course, animals in labs are no different to the ones in our own homes; they are just as individual, loving, quirky, affectionate and sensitive.


‘Sadly, what would land you in jail if you did it to an animal in your home could win you a promotion if you did it in a laboratory. It's time to end those double standards. Everyone who shares their life with any animal knows that they have needs, desires, wants, and that they are members of our families. It can never be right to abuse their vulnerability and trust by harming and killing them in laboratories or anywhere else.’

Earlier this month Marks & Spencer announced that it would now sell only cruelty-free household cleaning and beauty products. Meanwhile, the Co-op has just come to the end of a 20%-Off marketing campaign on all of its cruelty-free products.

* 5,600 dogs were used in animal experimentation in 2006