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Collie holiday dog hikes on bus to seaside

A MISSING Border Collie was reunited with his owner after catching a bus to the seaside more than 20 miles away.

Border CollieWorried owner Emma Ward printed posters and contacted dog wardens, unaware that the appropriately-named Hike was on the number 11 Arriva bus near her home in Connah's Quay, Flintshire. However, four-year-old Hike was discovered 40 stops later under a seat after making the 23mile journey to the coastal resort of Rhyl in Denbighshire.

Ms Ward said: ‘I was over the moon to get him back. I was fearing the worst. I live in between two pubs and there's an alleyway which I let Hike go out into.

‘Everyone round here knows him and he's always somewhere close by, just doing his own thing. He always comes back when I whistle him. But this time he didn't come back and I knew something was wrong.’

Hike disappeared at about lunchtime last Thursday, and within hours Emma and her family were printing missing posters.

She also contacted the dog rescue home where she spotted Hike two years ago, and alerted local dog wardens.

She said: ‘By this time I was frantic. I had phoned everyone, including the vets in case he had been knocked down. But then the call came from a dog warden to say he was absolutely fine and had got the bus to Rhyl. I used to catch the number 11 bus to work in Holywell and Hike had been on with me before, so he must have decided to just jump on. I was so relieved to see him. But when I got there to pick him up, he was playing ball with the driver - he didn't have a care in the world.’