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Mastiff club going ahead with legal challenge

THE OLD English Mastiff Club is to press ahead with its plans to implement a legal challenge to the Kennel Club for breaching its own rules regarding incomplete pedigrees.

As reported earlier this year, it is understood that the Old English Mastiff Club had been in contact with the Kennel Club for some time querying the KC’s apparent willingness to issue incomplete pedigrees for a number of dogs, in which the dog’s parentage or grand-parentage is incomplete with the pedigrees reading ‘Dam Unknown’.

The OEMC sought legal advice and was told that the KC is in breach of its own rules, which led to the club seeking to take legal action against the KC.

The matter was held in abeyance until the OEMC’s Annual General Meeting last Saturday when the matter was put to the vote. A motion had been tabled that the Committee’s action should NOT proceed. However, a majority of members voted against the motion and made it clear that they wished the Committee to proceed as planned.

A separate motion, a vote of No Confidence in the Club Committee was made at a Special General Meeting following the AGM having been tabled by members who did not wish to take action against the KC. It is believed that many of those backing the motion had dogs that were descended from the ‘Dam Unknown’ line. The motion was defeated by an equally large majority.
The club is now to press ahead with its plans to take legal action against the KC, but is seeking to set up a meeting with the KC where all sides can ‘sit around the table’ and discuss the issue and thus avoid the use of lawyers. However, sources within the OEMC have made it clear that if this overture is rebuffed then legal action will be instigated.

A spokesperson for the OEMC Committee spoke to OUR DOGS on Tuesday of this week and said: ‘The membership [of the OEMC] voted overwhelmingly not to stop the representation through lawyers intended to get the Kennel Club to act in the case of the incomplete pedigrees in the Mastiff breed. It is now the Committee’s intention to proceed with this matter.’

OUR DOGS will continue to report developments in this matter as and when they become known.