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Memorial class planned for PADS President

JOYCE STRANGER, the well-known authoress and dog trainer, passed away on 20th December 2007 after a short illness.

Joyce’s work ranged from factual books, offering practical dog training advice, to autobiography and fiction which often looked at people’s relationships with pets and animals.
Among her other dog related activities, Joyce was the Honorary President of the People And Dogs Society (PADS), a registered charity which helps dogs by educating, supporting and advising dog owners.

‘Joyce has been a member and supporter of PADS since we began in 1988, and was one of our first Canine Advice Life Line (CALL) advisors,’ said Secretary Kit Le Seelleur. ‘We were very lucky to have her, with her vast store of knowledge and common sense approach to problems. She will be much missed.’

To acknowledge the work Joyce did for the Society, PADS has decided to include a Joyce Stranger Memorial Class in their next dog show, to be held on 29th June in West Yorkshire as part of the Horbury Show.

‘The class will be called ‘A Dog in a Million’, after one of Joyce’s most popular books,’ said Show Manager Debbie Waller, ‘and will be open to all dogs and bitches over the age of six months, whether pedigree or not. The prizes will be awarded by a member of Joyce’s family who is travelling to Yorkshire to mark the occasion.’

* Further information about the event can be found on PADS website,, or by phoning Debbie on 01977 678593.