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Record breaking walk planned

THE GUINNESS record holder for the largest dog walk has begun recruiting UK dog walkers again, with plans to break his own world record, now standing at 10,272 dogs… for the eleventh time!
North East based teacher Tony Carlisle who began the annual fund raising walk back in 1990 and who has organised the event every year since, has so far raised almost £3 million pounds for charitable causes. The dog walk is free to dog walkers and their dogs and so relies on donations and its prestige to attract funds from sponsors.

In 2004 the pet food company Butchers Pet Care took over sponsorship of what had been called the Catherine Cookson Great North Dog Walk, renaming it the Butchers Great North Dog Walk.
The event takes place in South Sheilds, on the River Tyne on Sunday 15th June - starting at 9 a.m. There is a selection of four different routes ranging in distance and stretching across beautiful coastal paths with breathtaking sea views.

*To participate visit, fill out a registration form - and get yourself in the Guinness Book of Records!