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Help for wardens in new scheme
Registration could be the answer

Dog owners can have their beloved pets registered under a new scheme launched this month by Kensington and Chelsea Council.

Council Leader Cllr Merrick CockellThe scheme, which is free of charge, will enable the Council's animal warden to reunite lost dogs with their owners as quickly as possible.

While many owners put tags on their dog’s collar, they normally only provide the address. This means owners can be out when the warden attempts to return the dog. Under the Council scheme owners can provide daytime and mobile telephone numbers so the warden can simply call and arrange to return the dog - avoiding kennel fees to the owner.

Council Leader Cllr Merrick Cockell is backing the scheme by being the first to register his three West Highland Terriers. The dogs - Tilly, Violet and Arthur - now proudly wear identity discs boasting the numbers one, two and three.

He said: “I know how anxious I would be if one of my dogs went missing. Accidents can happen to the most responsible of dog owners and this registration scheme provides peace of mind.”

Benefits of the registration scheme include:An identity disc to attach to the dog’s collar, address and telephone details entered on a computer record, lost dogs returned to the owner by the animal warden and information updates on the dog control order and other dog laws
Residents interested in joining the Dog Registration Scheme can call Streetline and ask for a register form.