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World show tops 20,000

As we go to press OUR DOGS has learned of a tremendous entry for the World Dog show due to be held in Sweden from July 3rd to 6th.

Ulf UddmanAs entries have now closed the final figure is 20 680 dogs (this achieved even with no puppy classes).

The entry comes is made up from 342 breeds, with 56 countries represented. The largest entry is the ever popular Golden Retriever, followed by Labradors, Doberman and Flat coated retrievers (both tied in third place)

The World Championship in Obedience has attracted teams from 13 countries, with 75 competitors (which is in fact the maximum, as it is not allowed to have more competitors according to the rules)

We also believe that due to the number of entered dogs the judging will start at 8.30 in some of the rings instead of at 9.00 as initially though.

The finals in the main ring will start at 3.30 pm every day.

Circuit shows

Taking place at the same time as the World Show, there are many breed club shows which have also attracted excellent entries which have now reached 14 650 dogs, but there are apparently still a few to check over the next few days. This may mean a rise to about 14,700 dogs.

The Swedish Kennel Club can feel very pleased with this tremendous entry and things are looking good for a great four days later in July.

OUR DOGS will be at the show and will bring further news as the show approaches.