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UK'S Favourite Vet Joins Our Dogs

Marc Abraham

OUR DOGS is delighted to announce that popular TV vet Marc Abraham will be joining our 
superb, and growing list of contributors.

Marc will be known to many for his appearances on The Paul O'Grady  Show, Its Me or the Dog and Animal Rescue Live and was recently voted the UK's favourite vet.

He qualified from Edinburgh University in 1995 and is based in Brighton, where he specialises in emergency and trauma surgery on dogs  and cats.

Marc firmly believes that everyone has a duty to 'give something back' to their community. With that in mind he flew out to Thailand just days after the  devastating Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, helping to rescue and treat  the poor injured and starving dogs and cats of Phuket.

Marc's favourite hobbies include snowboarding and scuba-diving, and  his ambition is to travel to Antarctica  and dive under the ice!

Marc, the funky vet, will be writing on a regular basis starting soon.

If you can't wait for Marcs' first contribution to the paper, check out his website