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Emergency vets receive unique show of gratitude from pet owner

Vets Now, the emergency out of hours vets with 31 clinics across the UK recently received a surprise donation from a particularly grateful client.

Owner Peter Foden, from Stoke, brought his six year old Hungarian Vizlsa, Maisie for emergency treatment at the Vets Now clinic at London Road in Stoke and was so impressed with the care Maisie received, he overpaid his bill by just over £200 as a show of gratitude toward the team who saved Maisie’s life.

Maisie was recently transferred from her daytime veterinary practice to the Vets Now clinic to receive treatment for bruising all over her body and a nasal haemorrhage. With the haemorrhage worsening, and Maisie becoming increasingly distressed, the team administered a mild sedation to calm her down and lower her blood pressure. Karl Jennings, Senior Veterinary Surgeon at the clinic suspected that she had either consumed a poison, possibly rat bait, or was suffering from an auto-immune condition affecting her ability to clot her blood however, until they received the results back from the lab to confirm exactly what was wrong, the team could only perform symptomatic treatment for Maisie’s symptoms. Fortunately, the clinic stocks blood products supplied by Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBuk), the UK’s national canine blood donation charity and Vets Now was able to perform a transfusion using fresh frozen plasma to stop the haemorrhage. Following the treatment, the haemorrhage had almost ceased; however, as soon as the sedation wore off, Maisie started haemorrhaging again. The team therefore decided to perform a whole blood transfusion which Maisie responded very well to and in the morning, she was well enough to be transferred back to her daytime practice for continuing treatment for what was confirmed as an auto-immune condition.”

However, when Maisie’s owner, Peter Foden came to settle the bill with Vets Now for Maisie’s treamtent, which amounted to £787.28, he promptly wrote a cheque for £1000 and insisted that the clinic use the donation for its ongoing work. As it happens, Mr Foden is the head of a charity, the Foden Trust, which was set up two years ago and regularly donates sums of money to numerous worthwhile causes. Speaking about the recent case, Karl Jennings, Senior Veterinary Surgeon at Vets Now in Stoke commented; “When Maisie was presented to us she was extremely ill indeed. We worked very hard to save her life and thankfully, in the end she responded well and began to make a good recovery. We were obviously quite taken aback when Mr Foden presented us with the cheque as we were just doing our jobs as best we could but it’s always nice to receive such grateful thanks! We have decided to donate the money to the PBBuk to enable to charity to continue their valuable work as without having access to products supplied by PBBuk, we may not have been able to save Maisie’s life.”