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The weird and wonderful world of House!
A look at dogs in art with a difference
by Becky Archer

Painting in the style of carnival and circus banners, Kevin House is producing some of the most original, weird and wonderful artworks concerning dogs as subject matter!

Kevin HouseDrawing from the old influences of freak-shows and side-shows, House combines the intriguing world of the unknown with the satirical faces of the subject, creating a humorous yet alluring piece.

Claiming to have “Graduated from the school of the unschooled and trained by no one in particular,” Kevin, born in England and raised in Canada and the US, didn’t start out as an artist and has no formal training, making his success story all the more impressive.

For the last 10 years he has worked as a singer/songwriter and has been touring the bars of New York in his folk band, since he moved there in 2001.

After a number of jobs, and down to his last dollar, a lucky turn in events was to change his situation dramatically. After finding a piece of canvas in the rubbish bin, he turned his hand to painting!


He would sell his first pieces around the streets and markets of New York, and after another chance meeting with a folk art dealer he began to exhibit his work.

His first dog portrait was commissioned by a couple he bumped into in the street! Since then he has gone on to be featured on the Discovery Channel and in many publications throughout Canada and the US including Bark Magazine and Modern Dog. He also creates pieces for private collections, including that of the actor, Malcolm McDowell.

As well as painting people’s dogs and pets, he has a whole range of galleries dedicated to preserving the theme of the side-show spectacle of the carnival.

For more information on Kevin, to see more examples of his work and for portrait prices and merchandise go to

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