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All Change at Pudsey Ringcraft

I was invited to judge Pudsey & District Ringcraft Club's 18th Anniversary Match & Presentation Night. This was a privilege because it was also to honour the late President Bernard Child, a very dear friend.

The dogs were of varying quality as you would expect at any match but nevertheless approximately 80 people turned up with a good selection for me to go over.

Bernard had bequeathed £1000 to the club. This evening was a way of accepting the legacy and spending some of it on the members by laying on a buffet. Before the start of events a toast was drunk in his memory

Four of Pudsey's original members were present, Chairman Richard Parkin, Secretary/Treasurer Christine Cooper, Update Editor and New President Anita Broadbent and Ringcraft Organiser Peter Broadbent. Presentations were made to Richard, Christine and Anita for their contributions over the last 18 years

You may ask why 18th Anniversary. After 18 years of having a weekly ringcraft the club is changing to once a month and the fourth Wednesday in May will be the first of the monthly events. The last Wednesday in April was to be the last of the weekly events. It was felt that this was a fitting time to honour Bernard and also announce the changes.

Thanks for the flowers Pudsey.

Eileen Jackson