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Dog shot after lambs killed

A DOG has been destroyed after killing almost 50 newborn lambs in a scene described as ‘carnage’.

The white GSD killed dozens of lambs and four ewes over several hours in the attack, which a vet said was the worst he had encountered. Farmer James Andrew, 40, said he had been ‘devastated’ when he arrived at the scene at Pleasantfield Farm near Ayr.

Mr Andrew said he had tracked the dog down before a neighbour shot it dead. ‘Some of them had broken spines from being thrown about and were trying to get up but the others were already dead. I had to get the vet to put the injured ones down and he was quite upset at the scene’, he said. ‘It was carnage. I was devastated to see it because it was the first week and it was a whole year's work.’

Mr Andrew was not insured for the attack, which happened last week, costing him about £3,000. Police have appealed for information about the dog, which was wearing a heavy brown collar and is thought to have been loose in the area for several weeks.