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Dima needs you!

Dima Yeremenko

The Good Boy Dog School, run by Dima Yeremenko, and based in New Southgate, London, offers a range of services from one to one training, group classes and even home visits. The lessons aren’t restricted to just puppies either, one of the oldest members being 17!

As well as running the school, Dima has also written a book: Dima’s Dog School: The Foolproof New Way To Train Your Dog. His advice is based on his handfeeding method and rewards, concentrating on resolving training and behavioural problems.

Boot Camp!

For the last nine years The Good Boy Dog School have run a week of doggy boot camps! And this year is no different, this summer The Good Boy Dog School are inviting all their friends to join them for a week of Dog Training and Fun at a new location of Capstone Farm Country Park in Kent, running from 27 July – 02 August 2008. In previous years the Boot Camp has been held at Pentney Lakes, and last year they hit highest attendance numbers of dogs and their owners! Unfortunately the training week has had to move from the previous location but has now found the fantastic location in Kent where there is plenty of rolling landscape to host all the camping and all the events planned for the week. To take a look at the park visit or

As they like making everyone of their friends happy, here’s another smashing good news - this year the price of the training week is being dropped down! The final list of fees will be confirmed at a later date but it will definitely stay below the £200 mark!

OURDOGS will be supporting the camp, with goodie bags for all who take part. Watch out for features on DIMA DOGS in Our Dogs both in print, and online. To subscribe to the newsletter visit the web site

The people at Good Boy are also looking for businesses who wish to promote themselves or their products on their newsletters, internet mailings, T-shirts and various hand-outs. No team uniforms have been ordered yet for this year o if you fancy your logo on those, or if anyone out there has ideas on working with them on any of these things, please do not hesitate to contact them. Agility and Flyball equipment is planned to be on-site for the whole length of the training week, with daily classes on Canine Obedience and fun motivational exercises, and disciplines such as Heelwork-to-Music, Competitive Obedience, Working Trials and others will be covered by guest trainers. Many more activities will be waiting for you and your pooch, there will be updates with all the news soon.

Camping this year will be possible in your own tent, tent hired from Good Boy, Caravan or Motorhome, or even local B&B (although you will miss out on loads of stuff though if you do). Barbeques, take-aways, pub lunches, free breakfast and beverages will hopefully keep you filled – in for your stay with them.

For more info / booking form / accommodation details contact Dima Yeremenko
Tel: 07957 228 269 / 0208 931 8207, E-mail:
Postal address: Good Boy Dog School, 12 The Highlands, Edgware, HA8 5HL

In The Media!

Dima and the Good Boy Dog School dogs have appeared in a range of TV programmes
You might have missed us on the Grand Designs Live on two occasions – 9 of our performing start made their appearance on the show, or in the Sunday Express last week, but look out for the documentary on Rupert Sheldrake (remember Pets Who Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home) with Skye the Border Terrier.

Watch the national and Local press for the results of Britain’s Brainiest Dog judged by Dima Yeremenko at the All About Dogs last weekend (, or click Play on this site: to see Sydney illustrating Ben Fogle's invitation to walk in the British countryside.

Also, may you have missed us on Channel 4’s The Shooting Party documentary series of films directed by Deaf people, here’s how you can catch up: and choose the second film by Zoe Cartwright for the film itself, or here for the info on the series: or (my Superdog) appears here in Zoe Cartwright’s film.

April’s Responsible Dog Ownership Day “Every Dog Has Its Day” organised by the Good Boy Dog School and Camden Police went so well! Thank you all the participants and supporters for the wonderful demo and running all the games and competitions during the day! And you know what? They want us back in Autumn, so let’s get together and practice again nearer the time – it was a great fun! New stars are welcome too! Oh, yes – we even made it to Guardian Newspaper, 15 April. Please see Michelle Hanson’s Article.

I have managed to dig out two of my ancient appearances on Russian radio and newspaper (both in Russian) so pleases copy and paste if you need a bit of language practice:

Russian London Courier

SevaOborot - BBC radio

Urgent news

Good Boy Dog School are looking for a full time helper on our daily dog run and group socialisation classes. Must be a confident and patient dog lover, fit and weather-proof, keen to learn a new skill, an articulate person not looking to earn a million pounds but to find a satisfying and enjoyable career working with very special dogs that take such an important place in our hearts!

You must be able to drive and the hours are 25 - 40 per week. North - North London based only please, but we are able to accommodate if necessary. If you are interested please contact Dima Yeremenko via email: or by phoning 07957 228 269 ASAP.

Dima's Dog School Dima's Dog School
Dima's Dog School Dima's Dog School
Dima's Dog School Dima's Dog School