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Happy ending for GSD

A DOG which was starved and then dumped on a street in Dundee is now well enough to be rehomed.

As reported previously, three-year-old German Shepherd Willow weighed only 11kg when she was taken in by the Scottish SPCA, less than half the weight she should have been. The dog was so weak she could barely stand and staff feared that she had internal organ damage.

Her owner, James Burns, was later fined £200 and banned from keeping pets for five years.
Lesley Clark, from the SSPCA centre at Petterden, told the BBC Scotland news website that Willow had recovered well. ‘She's doing fantastic, she's very big and bouncy now, she loves to play with her toys,’ she said. ‘Her weight has gone up to just over the 26kg now, which we're very, very happy for her to be at.’

The facility is looking for a few people to come forward to offer a home to Willow, so they can pick one that is suitable.

Ms Clark said: ‘We really need someone that is quite experienced with her breed. They need to be someone that knows what they're doing and understands what she's been through. She really hasn't had much training, so whoever has her is going to have to go back to basics with her and start all over again.’