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Humberside Annual Teach-in 2008

Betty JudgeThe Humberside Hound Association Annual Teach-In was held on 6th May, at the new Community Centre at Ferrybridge - easily accessible from the M62 and A1.

About 70 people attended; not all were ‘hound’ people but all were interested in breeds other than their own; not all were Judges, others, though, ranged through judging only their own breed at open show level to judging many breeds at the highest level. The Annual Event is programmed as an informal ‘interest only’ experience - rather than an intensive learning experience expected to give a ‘judging qualification’.

Elizabeth MurrayThe Kennel Club, and many breed clubs also, recognise such an event as ‘showing an interest in the breed’. This year the featured breeds were Otterhound, Portugese Podengo and Irish Wolfhound. All the speakers were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their breed and this came very much to the fore in each talk as, speaking and answering questions for about half an hour, each gave a profile and brief insight into the breed.

Pam Marston-PollockAt the end of the evening, Vice Chairman, Margaret Dixon thanked the speakers for giving their time to come and introduce their breeds to us all, thanks were given to the ladies of the Humberside Hound Association committee who provided a very delectable supper and further thanks to Chris Wicks who sat and wrote names on the certificates through the evening so that they were available for the audience to take away. All in all, the evening was a most enjoyable, social, learning experience.