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Crufts ‘victim of its own success’

As reported in this week’s OUR DOGS, Crufts Chairman Eric Smethurst shared his views on the success of Crufts, but added a cautionary note which suggested the show was in danger of becoming ‘a victim of its own success’.

After acknowledging the kc’s Crufts staff, Mrs Vanessa McAlpine and her team of just three key people, Mr Broadhurst said that few realised that a show that attracts 160,000 people can be managed by such a tiny team. He was also full of praise for the work carried out by the Medical and Veterinary Centres, as well as judges, the participating breed clubs and the individuals who work really hard in the Discover Dogs booths and the teams and ring parties that manage and run displays and training events. Finally, Mr Broadhurst described Crufts Stewards as ‘worth their weight in gold’!

He went on the report that the Management of the NEC had raised concerns about overcrowding the trade stands. Equally, the tented walkway to exit from the arena will realise that the combination of spectators and dog exhibitors walking to and from the arena through the Obedience Pavilion appears to present overcrowding problems.

The KC’s worst nightmare, said Mr Broadhurst, would be for the NEC Management team having to stop paying visitors from entering the halls because the KC had ignored their warnings about overcrowding. He said that the committee would now be considering ‘ways and means of managing the show layout to ensure the safety and comfort of our exhibitors and our spectators.’