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New web site for weight watching canines

HILLS PET Nutrition has recently launched a new web site especially for dogs who are watching what they eat. The pet weight management site joins other specific Hill’s sites such as the one devoted to puppy care.

On the site owners can get a range of useful information and tips, including how to calculate the Body Conditioning Score (BCS) and interactive tailored weight and exercise plans for them to follow with their dog.

The site also has the option to convert a dog’s weight into its human equivalent and to convert human food portions into canine ones. For instance a piece of toast fed to a dog is the equivalent of its owner having eaten a hamburger! .

To help keep pet owners motivated, the site also offers the option of a weekly weight loss programme email newsletter containing additional support, handy tips and helpful reminders.
Bob Gundry, Consumer Marketing Manager, Hill's Pet Nutrition, said: "Obesity in animals is soaring and the new website will provide useful support for owners including feeding and exercise tips to keep their pets on track to reach their target weight."