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Dogs Race for Life

Suzie Kennedy, a Marilyn Munroe lookalike, and Groomer of the Year, Heidi Anderton are going pink with their dogs for Race For Life, in aid of Cancer Research.

Suzie and Heidi are running Race for Life at Blackheath on Sunday 13th July, not only this but they are also dying their dogs in order to raise money and hopefully get more people involved. Lucy, Suzie’s Bichon Frise will be dyed pink whilst Heidi’s Standard White poodle, Charlton will be having the pink ribbon cut into his coat with that dyed pink. They have also managed to recruit one of their customers, who will be running the race with them. Her dog Heath the Westie, will also be dyed pink. The dying of the dogs will take place on Monday the 7th July at Absolutely Animals in Lee, South London and people are encouraged to “Go Pink” with their dogs in support of Suzie and Heidi. The dogs will be there at the beginning and end of the race to see them off and welcome them back.

To sponsor Suzie and Heidi and to donate to the charity visit their fundraising website on