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Hill’s provide food relief

Hundreds of dogs and cats that have been left homeless and hungry after owners fled upsurges of unrest in areas of Johannesburg, South Africa, will get some relief as Hill’s Pet Nutrition has donated a substantial amount of food.

CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare), a project run by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) that works in townships and informal settlements across Gauteng province reports that companion animals were abandoned as their owners scrambled to flee the violence that has been spreading across Johannesburg since last weekend.

“Under police guard CLAW was able to access the township where the attacks began and is also working with human welfare NGOs. Speaking to people who have fled the violence and those left behind, it is clear that we have an animal as well as a humanitarian crisis happening here,” said Cora Bailey, CLAW founder and IFAW Special Advisor.

IFAW made contact with Hill’s Pet Nutrition and were immediately offered a substantial donation of more than half a tonne of Hill’s pet food, to help alleviate the unfolding animal crisis.
“This is a time for action – and while we fully appreciate that the human crisis is a disaster, we believe that the owners of pets will take some comfort in knowing their animals are being fed while this appalling situation is sorted out,” said Rina Cronwright, Managing Director of Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

“Having to leave behind much loved pets in a rush to save their own lives is just another punishment inflicted on those who have had to escape from danger,” said Cora Bailey. “It is bad enough to lose literally everything to a xenophobic mob, but having to lose that close animal bond is just added cruelty. CLAW wants to promise pet owners that they can rely on us to do everything possible to care for their dogs and cats.”