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Achievement of a lifetime for John Rogerson

He may previously only have been awarded a solitary O-level in woodwork and pilot’s and driving licences, but the world-renowned John Rogerson has now added a prestigious Kennel Club award to his list of qualifications.

John – one of the most sought after speakers on dog behaviour and training in the world today - has become the 29th person to become a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor since the scheme was launched in 2004.

The scheme impressed John because of the level of knowledge the people involved possessed, and the fact that the organisers and assessors had “clearly done their homework”.

He added “I felt that all the right people were involved in setting up accreditation, without which I felt that we were sliding down the slippery slope of ‘trainers and behaviourists’ being accredited by a professor sitting in a university, who had never even owned a dog.

“My dream is that everyone becomes part of the best dog training accreditation scheme in the world and joins me to become a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor. Together we can make a real difference.”

All Accredited Instructors have been through a rigorous process of self assessment, a practical and oral exam, and will have at least five years practical teaching experience. Anyone on the scheme will develop a portfolio, often with a specialist area of expertise, and will build up points, leading to the professional qualification.

The scheme is intended to form a national standard that will safeguard the public; to unify both knowledge and experience and enable instructors to measure where they are experienced and where they can improve.