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RSPCA's rehoming policy 'inconsistent'

THE RSPCA's rehoming policy has been criticised for being too inflexible by a lifelong dog owner turned down by the animal charity.

Joyce Moore, from Exeter, was deemed unsuitable to take in a rescue dog because she does not have an enclosed garden.

Friend and fellow dog lover Michelle Stephens said the RSPCA was not taking individual circumstances into account.

Ms Moore, who is retired and has owned dogs all her life, said: ‘They get everything they want, they get their walks, their food, they always seem to love me, so I think I must be all right.’
The official rehoming policy does not state that an enclosed garden is essential, but individual RSPCA branches are entitled to interpret the policy differently.

Ms Stephens, who adopted a dog from the RSPCA eight years ago, said: ‘I don't think they take the individual's circumstances into account, you're just somewhere for that an animal to go.’

Neil Edwards, from the Exeter branch of the RSPCA said its first priority was animal welfare: 'We haven't received any complaints recently about rehoming. Our first and only priority here is the welfare of the animals, to make sure they go into good homes.’