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Clumber Spaniels found abandoned

Members of the Clumber Spaniel Club of Great Britain have been shaken by the news that five of their breed have been found - apparently abandoned - in Worcestershire.

Three bitches and two dogs - believed to be aged between eight months and eight years - were found by police at the weekend. The dogs were discovered down a country lane in Pershore, a small market town situated between Worcester and Evesham.

More often than not, most dogs taken off the streets are either spayed or neutered and since Clumbers are an exceptionally rare breed members of the CSC are fearful that this will endanger the breed further.

Marjorie Ironside, a regular Breed Notes writer for Our Dogs and a respected breeder in Clumbers, has expressed her concern over this issue: ‘We are worried to death - we cannot afford this in our breed,’ said Mrs Ironside.

It is still unclear how the dogs came to be on the lane in Worcester. One possibility is that they may have been abandoned by their owners due to the expenses involved in looking after the dogs. This variety of gundogs has a large appetite and requires lots of care and maintenance.
Only a handful of kennels keep half a dozen or so C,umbers. This means that these dogs probably belong to one of the few kennels in operation.

The most reliable way of discovering where these dogs originated from is through DNA testing but some claim it is far too expensive and unjustifiable to do this. However, Mr Ironside, who shares his wife’s concern for the dogs, believes that members of the CSC would be willing to donate money to the cause.

Mr and Mrs Ironside are even willing to take the dogs into their own care until the situation is resolved.

‘We, as members of the CSC, would like to take responsibility for them, temporarily,’ he said.
If anyone has any information regarding this incident then please contact the Ironsides on 01526 832923. Any information would be greatly appreciated.