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Stoneleigh showcase ready for autumn


AT THE AGM Ronnie Irving brought members up to date on developments at Stoneleigh, the KC’s educational/show centre at Stoneleigh.

Ronnie reported that, after a somewhat shaky start, work on the project had started.
During his speech Ronnie said that the KC believed that the facilities would provide a secure and permanent place for dogs, dog owners and the general public with an interest in dogs - and would also be an excellent centre for education and dog activity in a central location and at an affordable cost.

He continued: ‘The halls will be big enough together to run a 1300-dog show, will have catering facilities and office, toilets and meeting space available. As well as the excellent outdoor rings there will be good wet weather accommodation available very close to our building. If all goes according to plan - which I can confirm it is at the moment - the building will be completed by the middle of Autumn this year when a series of Open Days will be held to showcase the facilities.

‘We are delighted with the number of booking enquiries we have already received and we have now started to market and promote the venue. Undoubtedly uptake will be gradual and we do not by any means anticipate anything like full occupancy during 2009. But it is hoped that, once Societies and dog people get to know the building and appreciate all it has to offer- it will become a very popular and welcomed facility.’