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Website hits 9 million

This weekend saw the OUR DOGS counter click over the nine million mark on its web site!

The Internet is well and truly here to stay, and OUR DOGS was the first canine newspaper to embrace the new technology many years ago. Now nearly 10 years on from our first tentative steps, our web site has reached a fantastic milestone in clocking up over 9 million visits to the home page, yes, visits, not impressions all over the site, which in themselves run into many more millions.

The clock started to tick about eight years ago when we first started to put judges’ reports and breed notes on line, available to members only. Since then this fantastic archive and resource has been building week after week and is now accessed by dog people all over the world.

The site has continued to improve and this week has seen the launch of our page turning software, powered by Morton’s Print. This special digital issue is packed with features, even having live links from trade and breeder adverts back to their own web sites or email addresses, take a look at the whole of last weeks issue for yourself for free by checking out the site on and look at the running headline at the top.

As with most things in life, nothing is free for long! The members section can only be accessed by paying a small fee as part of your subscription, only £15.00 for the year. If you are an overseas reader in particular, there is a separate fee for web site only, ideal if you are an exhibitor in Europe, the USA, or in fact anywhere where there is an internet connection.

Most people get the best of both worlds and take a dual subscription, we all still like the feel and readability of a real newspaper, but then with the online edition, you can go back and check things from up to 8 years ago at the touch of a button.

So do it both ways!

The web itself is constantly evolving, sometimes not for the better with unregulated sites coming and going.

However, OUR DOGS aims to provide its readers in the UK, Ireland and worldwide with a reliable source of quality information, news and photos of top dogs from around the world.

Upgrade now to a dual subscription by phoning our subs hotline, 0870 731 6503, or go for in print and online when your renewal comes round.