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High winds force show closure

The City of Swansea Open dog show suffered in the high winds over the weekend which ultimately brought about a premature end to the show.

The winds caused a number of tree branches to be blown down, one of which hit a young girl who is reportedly still in hospital.

This popular show has enjoyed great success over the years although there had been a change of secretary recently. Past Secretary John Wright had returned to put on this years event.
John told Our Dogs, “After two incidents at the City of Swansea show due to adverse weather conditions the entire show, including the open dog show, was closed on health and safety grounds.

‘Although the second day started well, the winds were high. At the dog show we had one ring outside and two rings in the wet weather tent. A very promising start we thought under the circumstances.


‘Later on in the morning the winds were gusting so violently that they were lifting the tent. The council workers were called in to secure the tent pegs but it seemed a lost cause. After the breeds were judged and with only the JHA, second day Groups and Best in Show the weather had worsened so much the council were advised to abandon the show and clear the park.

‘Damage within the park included three quarters of the tenting collapsing and numerous trees’s losing branches. When I left I had heard of only one injury. Unfortunately it was a five year old girl who had been watching the horse show on the other side of the park, and had been struck by a falling tree branch apparently receiving head and neck injuries. The dog show area and tent was evacuated without incident and I would like to thank Judges, Stewards and everyone who was in attendance for their help and co-operation.’

Best in Show Judge Jackie Stubbs also told OUR DOGS, “The show had been proceeding really well. A harmonious and well run dog show with good dogs on parade, it was a great shame it could not be completed as normal.

John Wright has sent in a report to the Kennel Club together with marked catalogues for all the breed judging, and again said to OUR DOGS, “I wasn’t quite sure what to do as this has never happened in all the years I have run the show”.