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Rule A42 case upheld after abusive behaviour

IN A Disciplinary Sub Committee Hearing on October 30, the Kennel Club considered a case brought about against Mr J A Gordon, following a complaint brought by the Kennel Club under Kennel Club Rule A42 a (1) (b) in that Mr Gordon repeatedly engaged in threatening and abusive behaviour at the Northumberland and Durham Labrador Retriever Club Working Test at Hope Farm held on 20 April 2008, resulting in the issue of a police caution by Northumbria Police, is upheld.
The Committee noted that Mr Gordon admitted and apologised for the incident and recognised it as being inappropriate. The behaviour complained of, namely threatening, abusive conduct and putting people in fear was said to be totally unacceptable and cannot be tolerated at Kennel Club licensed events. Everyone should behave in an appropriate manner so that all may feel secure. This incident is not commonplace and the Committee felt there were mitigating circumstances. The Committee therefore wished to issue a reminder to participants that private issues have no place in the context of licensed events.

The Committee impose the following penalties: To warn him to his future conduct, to censure him and to disqualify him from exhibiting at, taking part in, attending and/or having any connection with any event licensed by the Club. If any person disqualified under this sub-paragraph shall attend any canine event whilst disqualified the General Committee shall have the power to increase the period of disqualification.

The suspensions and disqualifications are to be for a period of eighteen months (18 months) from 30 October 2008.