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KC in reciprocal agreements with Finland, Sweden and Norway

In recognition of the value of their respective judges’ training schemes, agreement has been reached between the Kennel Club and the Kennel Clubs of Finland, Sweden and Norway relating to reciprocity on approval of judges.

Ronnie IrvingUnder the terms of the agreement, the Kennel Clubs of Finland, Sweden and Norway will permit UK Kennel Club Judges to judge as follows:-

To judge the relevant breeds at FCI International CACIB Shows - judges who have previously been approved to award Kennel Club Challenge Certificates and are in good standing.

To judge the relevant breeds at National CAC Shows - all A and B level judges (B level judges are those who either appear on a breed club or council B Judging List, or have a credit pass for the relevant breed in the Kennel Club Judges Development Programme and are in good standing).
It is recommended that for shows licensed by the Finnish, Swedish or Norwegian Kennel Clubs, the inviting club should first ask the UK judge whether he/she is an A or B level judge. The Kennel Club will then be in a position to verify this on request from the inviting club.

The Kennel Club will permit those judges resident in the respective countries and approved to award CACs by the Finnish, Swedish or Norwegian Kennel Clubs, to judge the relevant breeds in the UK as follows:

At Open and Premier Open shows regardless of the number of classes scheduled for the breed.
At shows where Kennel Club Challenge Certificates are on offer, provided that they are in good standing and can supply details of having judged a similar number of dogs of that breed to that normally required for those who have achieved a credit pass in the Kennel Club Judges Development Programme, and that they have judged the breed for at least five years.
Judges approved by the Finnish, Swedish or Norwegian Kennel Clubs will continue to be required to complete a Kennel Club questionnaire.

Kari JarvinenRonnie Irving, Chairman of the Kennel Club, said, ‘The international exchange of judges increases as travel between countries becomes easier. We recognise that Finland, Sweden and Norway have all had well established and respected judges’ training schemes for many years. This closer co-operation with these three countries, all highly respected in the canine world, is a new departure for the Kennel Club. We hope that it will serve to expand the availability and use of our most experienced British judges at shows in those three countries, and the use of their well experienced and qualified judges at our shows here in the UK.’

Kari Jarvinen, Vice Chairman of the General Assembly of the Suomen Kennelliitto (Finnish Kennel Club), said: “We are very happy to sign this agreement with the Kennel Club and hope that it will be the start of an excellent relationship for everyone involved. We look forward to welcoming top British judges to our shows and hope that our judges will be able to gain good judging experience in the UK.”