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Didn’t we have a lovely time!

Ninety year old Vera Gold of Leijazuple Bichon Frise from Cornwall and Joan Shaw of the Ashencruz Miniature Schnauzers had a surprise visit from Michael Gadsby and Jason Lynn, who were enjoying a few days in the area and decided to take them out for the day.

Amid much laughter they got Vera into the car and went to St Ives where Jason ‘pushed her in her chair round the small cobbled streets and visited the shops along with Joan and the one black poodle (Winnie and two American Cocker puppies, one Afterglow Dial M For Murder was Best Puppy in Show at Midland Counties)’.

After St Ives they all went to the beach at St Michael’s Mount and gave the dogs a run, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and Michael and Jason said they could understand why Vera and Joan lived in Cornwall as it was a wonderful place and promised to come back to the area for a further visit.

Once again Vera and Joan would like to thank Michael and Jason for remembering them, for being so thoughtful and look forward to seeing them again soon!