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A new product from Barker and Barker Ltd!

Barker and Barker are bringing a new line to their range of healthy, low fat dog treats. Their new Liver and Cranberry treat allows owners to treat and train their dog with a healthy tasty treat at the same time adding the benefits of cranberry to the dogs’ diet!

Cranberry extract is well known as an aid in preventing urinary tract infections and some dog owners and practitioners feel that adding cranberry powder or cranberry juice into your dogs’ diet can have beneficial effects on the urinary tract, preventing infections and cystitis. Barker and Barker Liver and Cranberry treats combine the goodness of Cranberry with the meaty flavour of Liver to provide a treat that is tasty and healthy and just like all the treats in the range are all natural ingredients to the highest quality and have no added nasties such as preservative and colourants.

To celebrate this addition to their range Barker and Barker are giving away 1000 Christmas Gift bags for your best friend: a goody bag containing little liver treats in a beautiful bag just right for the Christmas tree, training plans discounts and a sample pack of Liver and Cranberry treats! There’s also great info from other friends such as and the ponygang! Goody bags and treats will be available from 1st November at!
Each treat contains cranberry powder, as well as liver, haemoglobin and brewers yeast – making a healthy treat that tastes great!

The treats come in packs of 250 and 1000 and with 20% off are at limited introductory prices until January.

Liver and Cranberry Treats are available to purchase at or over the phone on 01253 811887.